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Leadership Consulting

One of the most common traits evident within fast growing, entrepreneur led, investor backed or family owned businesses is the over-promotion of executives.

It is understandable that high-performers are given more and more responsibility and accountability as the business grows. However, rarely are these star employees provided with the skills training or personal development support necessary to ensure that they will succeed in their new role.

All too often, owners are found wondering why, someone who used to be so effective, now appears to be struggling – or why they simply are not as “good” as they were. The expectation placed upon the employee is often unrealistic, based upon their prior experience and skill set – in essence, they have been set up to fail.

As your business grows, your leaders will encounter many challenges for the first time – equipping them with the right skills will not only ensure that they are up to the job but will also ensure their heightened levels of engagement and motivation increase the likelihood that they stay the distance with your firm.

Similarly, as owners of businesses, we often neglect our own leadership development needs. We are only too eager to seek assistance to improve our golf swing or tennis forehand, yet rarely do we apply the same principles within our business life. It is often the case, within family owned businesses, that a small fortune may have been already spent on the next generation’s education or sporting prowess during their childhood, yet the necessity to continue their development into their adult and professional life is often neglected.

We start by trying to understand where you need the individual or team to “be” and by when. We look at the skills that are required today and are likely to be required tomorrow, matching them against the skills and behaviours evident in the individual or team today.

From there, we create bespoke leadership development programmes for both individuals and teams. Whilst sometimes this may include structured skills training, it is more often about embedding the behaviours that will develop them into inspiring leaders that people will follow.

We use our own experiences as owners to help determine leadership development programmes that have real impact, avoiding the trap of training for training’s sake.

We deliver powerful Executive Coaching programmes that ensure that existing behaviours change or develop and new ones are cemented for the future. We work with teams to increase overall effectiveness and performance and we create individual development plans for next generation leaders that are practical and meaningful – ensuring that when the times comes, they are more than ready to assume the responsibility bestowed upon them.