Seek out those who fit your culture...
Executive Search

Most entrepreneur led, investor backed or family owned businesses will tell you that fit is the leading consideration when hiring senior individuals into their firm.

Of course, this is the same for all companies, large or small, but the impact of getting fit right or wrong in a growing mid-market business can be far more significant than in larger, quoted businesses.

If some leaves a large corporate, quickly after joining, because they are the wrong fit, then it is likely that 99% of the employees didn’t even know that they had joined. Customer and supplier relations, whilst possibly bruised, will tend to be robust enough to withstand the negative impact that one individual can make. Similarly, someone who represents a great fit, may do incredible things for the business, but it is unlikely, on their own, that they can transform the fortunes of the firm.

If someone leaves your own mid-market business as a result of being the wrong fit, then it is likely that almost every employee will be aware of what went wrong. Untold damage could have been done to employee morale and supplier or customer relations. Either way, the pain you feel will be far more acute than that experienced by larger organisations. Similarly, the benefits of hiring senior individuals who fit are often far more tangible than in a larger business.

That’s why, at Twiddle & Co. we place so much emphasis on finding people who fit – people who effortlessly align with your own values, consistently demonstrate the behaviours you desire and who fit seamlessly into your culture.

We know how to get it right.

We start with gaining a clear understanding of your values and your culture. Helping you to clearly define and articulate these, where required. From there we seek to understand the behaviours in your organisation that support these values and result in the culture you have today. After all, your culture is merely the sum of all the behaviours that are consistently displayed in your business.

Once we have this information, we are able to develop selection techniques that will attract candidates likely to represent the best fit – looking for evidence at every step of the way that will support the values and behaviours you seek.

Once we have established fit, we then turn our attention to assessing their skills and experience, for without evidence of a potential fit, then skills count for little.

We are great advocates of “storytelling” as a recruitment technique, either in recruitment advertising or by word of mouth. It is likely that your firm does not have the same strength of employer brand that many large corporates have, yet the “story” and the opportunity that lies ahead for the successful candidate could be far more enticing. We are experts at taking “who and what you are” and crafting the most compelling story, one that it is more likely to engage candidates who represent the optimum fit.

Over the years we have developed a proven executive search and selection model that consistently delivers candidates who fit. We offer a retained recruitment service for board and senior appointments that typically include:

  • Chair & Non-Executive
  • Chief Executive / Managing Director
  • Finance Director
  • Sales / Marketing Director
  • Operations / Commercial Director
  • Human Resources Director
  • Heads of Function

Furthermore, we are able to offer our clients access to our Talent Club, an extensive network of highly experienced Non-Executive Directors and Board Advisors, all of whom have prior experience of working specifically with entrepreneur-led, investor backed or family owned businesses.

Ultimately – it’s about finding people who fit.