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Board Advisory

At some point or other, as your business grows, you will begin to dwell on the question of whether you have the right people around you to execute your vision. To begin with, it may just be a nagging doubt, but without taking action it soon develops into a more serious concern.

It may be that you are surrounded by those who, whilst loyal, have been left behind as a result of rapid growth or changing times. Others may show great potential, but you need more from them, sooner than you can reasonably expect. Then there may be gaps. Gaps in skill or knowledge or just good old fashioned experience – people who have already been where you want to go.

It is likely that whilst you feel that your top team could be stronger, the business is not actually suffering as a result, just perhaps not making the most of the opportunities presented.

So you procrastinate. We all do. Particularly, where there is an emotional attachment to some members of the team.

You think about the issue regularly, but rarely do you set aside time to address it – there are far more pressing things to do, you will get round to it eventually.

Our Board Advisory service helps you declutter your thoughts with regard to your top team. We start with an understanding of where you want to go and then assess the effectiveness of the people and the team you have around you.

Along the way we identify their strengths and weaknesses, areas for further development and potential gaps in skill, knowledge or experience.

Typically, an evaluation of your senior team will include some or all of the following activities:

  • Initial briefing with the sponsor (Chair, NED, Owner or CEO)
  • Board observation(s)
  • Board Effectiveness Survey
  • Personality Profiling
  • 360 degree appraisals
  • One to one interviews with members of the team

Our work culminates in a clear, detailed, evidence based report together with recommendations for future actions.

We support you by either crystallising or challenging your existing thoughts by presenting the information in a sensitive manner, yet free of any emotion.

Conducting an evaluation of your senior team can be a very delicate and sensitive process and must be managed accordingly. The process can often bring to the surface deep-rooted issues, simmering conflict and place the long-standing career of some individuals under the spotlight.

Our board advisors are highly experienced at managing these difficult issues and situations with the utmost care and sensitivity.

Ultimately, our Board Advisory services help you open the door to what can sometimes be difficult conversations to have